"come on, lets go for a drive"

a playlist for adolescence and nights with your friends, or days with only you on the old empty parking lot.


Beauty and The Beast
A female freediver takes in the underwater scene, as a lemon shark slowly swims by


Break the Rules - Charli XCX

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Seriously in LOVE with Charli XCX’s new track, “Break The Rules,” from her upcoming sophomore LP, Sucker.


"ya hey" by vampire weekend

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself, taken when you didn’t know you were being photographed, from an angle that you don’t usually see when you look in a mirror, and you think: “That’s me… that’s ALSO me.” Do you know what I’m talking about?

I think I do. So you are surprised at yourself? Does that mean you are not afraid of being touched anymore?

Please don’t spoil it.

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i know i love you, and you love the sea  // listen //

001 tonight youre perfect [ new politics ] // 002 unbelievers [ vampire weekend ] // 003 we’re happening [ the vaccines ] // 004 a certain romance [ arctic monkeys ] // 005 anthems for a seventeen year old girl [ broken social scene ] // 006 pictures of you [ the cure ] // 007 miss missing you [ fall out boy ] // 008 peach [ the front bottoms ] // 009 love is a place [ metric ] // 010 hate to see your heart break [ paramore ] // 011 the end of all things [ panic at the disco ] // 012 skinny love [ bon iver ] // 013 cape town [ the young veins ] // 014 diplomats son [ vampire weekend ] // 015 youre so cool, im so freaky [ kate nash ] // 016 always [ blink-182 ]

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Rene Magritte, L’Etat de Vielle

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Oblivion - Grimes

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The song recounts a specific sexual assault (“One of the most shattering experiences of my life,” Grimes, who was born in Vancouver as Claire Boucher, told SPIN in 2012) by describing the psychic fallout: “And never walk about after dark/ It’s my point of view/ Because someone could break your neck/ Coming up behind you always coming and you’d never have a clue,” she lisps in her high, pinched voice. It’s a dazzling, paralyzing performance, in part because Boucher sounds almost playful, and in part because the skronking behind her—the song’s springy, propulsive synth line was one of 2012’s most unforgettable—indicates something other than victimization. “See you on a dark night,” Boucher repeats. […] But what “Oblivion” ultimately offers is victory. It’s the sound of one woman turning personal devastation into not just a career-making single, but a lasting anthem of transformation.

Grimes’ Oblivion is the best song of the decade - so far.

hellanne: Story of a certain morning by bamsesayaka

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